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Playgrounds for temporary Mothers in the Silicon Valley

This is more a reminder for me and for who is around Sunnyvale this year with babies or toddlers, and for all the temporary mothers that arrived here and are mapping the place in order to find a piece of home in this strange piece of world.

Most are free or accessible for most.

As usual I reccomend to check local library‘s story time schedule. Some have Story time everyday and the library itself usually has a nice and confortable place for reading and stay with toddlers and children

I found very helpful this project of the Community Health Awareness Council: the Family Resources Centers. This association operates in Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Cupertino and offers some morning of stay and play meetings. I haven’t been yet but it seems quite interesting and helpful. Check schedule here.

I am quite sure that there are other similar initiative around the bay area. As an example I found that in Sunnyvale, Trinity Church offers twice a month, on friday, spaces for mothers and their children. I went and I was really surprised by the organization, the quality of place and, of course by the people over there.

Then there are the parks, that probably most of you already know.

The best I have found and that have been suggested to me are:

Seven Seas, Sunnyvale  // Mariposa Park, Mountain View   //  Shoreline Park, Mountain View // Shoup Park, Los Altos

I did already visit some of these, but I am pretty sure that day by day I will add new one to this list.

In one of these parks a nice temporary mom told me about some place where you absolutely have to go, like to  Hidden Villa, Los Altos. A farm where you can do many many activities from hiking to have a pic nic, of course observing the farm animals etc etc.

Then she listed some cafè with playgrounds. Some are more expensive than others, but some do offer also, in specific days, free entrance. I also contacted the MOMS club of Sunnyvale, that organizes many meetings during the week and that I hope to join as soon as possible. Karen suggested me some places to visit and I add them to this TO DO list 🙂

BUMBLE, Los Altos. Free play every wednesday from 9am to 2pm.

La Petite playhouse, Redwood city. from the website doesn’t seem really petite… anyway… we will try it.

Whimsey cafè, Saratoga

Lemon Tree in Santa Clara. Ideal for 2 yr and younger. There are tables for the parents to chill and have coffee or order lunch from next door.

Than, of course there are the museums
Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. It is best to buy the membership as soon as possible!
Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo. Free but donations are welcome.  walk around and you will find also a nice park with playground.
Happy Hollow, San Josè. Amusement park and zoo.
last, but not least… if you like to hike, check the schedule for stroller hikers!
than check also
… to be continued…


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